180 Movie: The Link between the Holocaust and Abortion

A friend of mine posted a link to the 180movie on Facebook and I felt compelled to share this with as many people as possible.

Taking a clearly Christian stance, the 180movie makes a compelling link between the importance of not forgetting the reality of the Holocaust and abortion. I was also impressed by the direct method that the narrator preaches the Gospel. Take a look at this and share with your friends, on facebook, on your blogs, and everywhere you can.

The thing with abortion is that many people say, “I just won’t talk about abortion. It’s a ‘hot-topic’ and I won’t go there”. I sort of accepted this for a little while, but realized suddenly that that is exactly what the devil wants: silence on abortion! For no one to talk about it, so that it can just keep going on. What better to continue the murder of innocent babies than for people to make you think that it’s just too big of a topic to talk about! That’s exactly why we should be talking about it.

Spread the word, share the 180movie and talk about abortion whenever and wherever you can! For more information about 180′s work, check out the Pro-Choice initiative by Ray Comfort.

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