A New American Revolution: Tax-Payer Funded Abortions

tax-payer funded abortionsOn his third day in office, President Obama repealed laws instituted by George W. Bush, that restricted federal money being used for international organizations that provide abortions overseas.

If American Colonists were once enraged over

┬áthe “Tea Tax” of 1773, how much more should the American patriot today be outraged over the fact that U.S. tax-dollars are paying for abortions in both the U.S. and in countries abroad?

It is already abominable within our Godly conscience to fund the murder of babies in our own land. But now we, the People, are forced, without consent, to earmark a portion of our hard-earned American dollars to broaden the scarlet-stained abortion agenda in foreign countries.

This an outrage of the highest order and unconscionable for devout citizens who are accountable before a holy God.

The Tea Act led the colonialists of the Thirteen North American colonies to form the Boston Tea Party in opposition to the British Parliament. What followed was the American revolution.

What will be the response of patriots today over a much graver and steeper sin willfully committed by the present authorities of this great nation?

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One Response to A New American Revolution: Tax-Payer Funded Abortions

  1. Joshua Sadler says:

    I agree with this argument a lot. It is true that our country is supporting abortions both in the country and overseas. I read an interesting statement that said that it is illegal to kill an eagle and you could face jail or even a $25,000 fine; yet abortion is legal and taxpayers are paying for it. I am praying that we have patriots and true Christians that are going to stand up against abortion, since it is against GOd’s principles.

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