Addicted to the Internet?

It’s Christmas Eve, and I find myself glued to my computer, working on my blogs, checking my Google Adsense revenue, tweaking my pages on my company website, and looking for good affiliates to add to my network of sites.

If you are visiting this site, chances are you are addicted to the Internet too, like the majority of humankind.

Technology has brought us many conveniences and enabled the average person to earn an income in ways that we never dreamed of. But at what price?

If you are here, I believe that God has directed you to this page. And I would like to pray for you and remind you that there is more to look at in life than your computer screen.

I pray that God uses technology and the Internet to enhance your life in ways you could not have imagined, but that you find the wisdom and power and strength to know how to balance your life in a way that gives glory to God and blesses your life, your family, and your friends.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you. And if you do not know Jesus, the Savior of Life, now is the time to ask Him to forgive you of your sins and to accept Him as your Lord and Savior. He cares enough to deliver you this message.

By accepting Him into your life, you can have forgiveness of all sin — and enter into Eternal Life with Him!


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