Afraid To Dance?

She refuses to smile fully. She’s got braces on. He ducks when there’s a question. He’s not very articulate. Then there’s the lady who refuses to interact. She’s not got the right clothes. Everywhere we find people who are afraid to express themselves because society sends out an unconscious message that you can’t take the stage unless you are perfect enough.

Yet, every single day while going about our normal business, we are presented with opportunities; opportunities to respond to different scenarios. Opportunities which require a choice: stepping up and out of our comfort zones or standing on the sidelines. This could mean volunteering at that shelter, reassuring a stranger, saying yes when being asked to dance, opening up and sharing what’s on your heart with loved ones, singing at the karaoke bar, submitting a poem, raising up your hand, etc.

Each day is specially designed and crafted, not just for everyone else but also for you. For as long as you still draw breath, God still considers you relevant to life’s purpose and intends for you to truly live. Life is to be lived and your being alive simply means one thing: you have as much right to be here as anyone else.

Want to express yourself but think you should just be an observer in the sidelines? Feel intimidated by the perfection and skill around you? Here’s what God says. You are designed to show forth his beauty and praises. If you desire to be perfect before learning to live and be a blessing, the time will never come as there is always something to improve on, change, better or perfect.

He says he is working in you, making you desire and to do his good pleasure. How, in what way? You don’t know. You just live, obeying his promptings and trusting he will complete that which he began. As you learn to relax and just follow him each day, he does the perfecting.

Approach each day like a child, walking in God’s love and wisdom. Learn all you can but live much more than you learn. There’s so much to see, to enjoy, to experience, to share.

Been told you can’t dance, well fine tune your steps but don’t stop dancing. Told you can’t talk, learn the skill needed but don’t stop talking. Told you can’t write, learn all you can but don’t stop writing.

He needs you to co-labor with him.

One more thing: he calls you complete in Him.

Isn’t God amazing? :)

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