Best Genesis Commentary: Leopold, Exposition of Genesis

Genesis Commentary: LeopoldI have this unnerving desire to revive the ancient men of God to give us insight into God’s Word in a way that few modern writers can do today: there is something about the intellectual depth that older writers possessed that is unsurpassable by most contemporary writers today. Or perhaps these brilliant men of God have simply withstood the test of time. Unfortunately, however, many of them are unknown to the modern mind.

H.C. Leopold is one such figure. Among his best known and most compelling works are his commentaries on the Old Testament–particularly, Exposition of Genesis. His other works include commentaries on the Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, and Daniel. 

Leopold writes in traditional, scholarly, conservative Bible commentary fashion, and his Exposition of Genesis is no exception: a verse by verse analysis that closely examines every jot and tittle of the Word and analyzes each sentence by every possible width, height, and breadth. This is not easy reading, but well worthwhile to the serious Bible study student or teacher. The book usually comes in 2 volumes which complete the set.

Where to Find Exposition of Genesis

Since most of these books were written in the 1940s and since, by far, Bible commentaries are not necessarily popular works of literature that appeals to the general Christian body, H.C. Leopold’s works are hard to come by. Online searches may yield some results. I am occasionally able to find used versions of his books on Amazon.com or BookFinder.com may prove useful, although his books are becoming harder to find. DeWard Publishing company also has Leopold’s Genesis commentary available for purchase on their website at http://deward.com/?p=1145. Offline: you may want want to try used Christian bookstores that specialize in commentaries; these may sometimes be associated with a local church. Or you may want to check with your local pastor or local seminary, as these types of books are really seminary level and are not written with the general populace in mind.

Genesis Commentary Alternatives 

Another excellent Genesis commentary series that contains a Genesis commentary is the Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries (Derek Kidner). This is a more brief, to the point Bible commentary series that is more compact and dense in its material, but excellent in quality. In some ways, it is more handy than lengthier commentaries which often employ the habit of dancing around too many threads at once. This series gets to the point. You will also not have any difficulty finding this series at any good Christian bookstore online or offline. ChristianBook.com has it listed here.

Commentaries have an extraordinary way of eliciting great truths from the Bible that we, as more casual readers, may sometimes overlook. It is good to have a set or two of Bible commentaries available if you would like to delve deeper into the timeless truth of God’s Word.

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2 Responses to Best Genesis Commentary: Leopold, Exposition of Genesis

  1. Nathan says:

    Sadly, GENESIS will likely be the only Leupold DeWard will publish. Somehow it slipped past copyright renewal and is in the public domain, which is why we were able to publish it.

    The rest of his expositions are still copyright protected–by folks who don’t seem interested in continuing to print them. They ARE, however, interested in making us pay to reprint them, which isn’t really in our best interest at this stage in the company’s development.

    Nathan Ward | Content Manager
    DeWard Publishing Company

  2. Thanks for the comment, Nathan. I’m glad someone is publishing Leopold, as he certainly deserves to be published! I have an library-bound copy from the 1940s on loan from a friend. It’s truly amazing.

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