Bible Study with Non-Believing Family Members

After twenty years of denying the Truth of the Bible, my mom is finally beginning to read the Bible with me–and she is actually enjoying it. She does not yet believe, but she is, for the first time,  at least seriously reading God’s Word.

Just a year ago I would have said it was impossible to get her to sit and read any part of the Bible, but now we have committed to reading the entire Gospel of Luke together. Many trying arguments have transpired in trying to convince her of the veracity of God’s Word. And though she is not yet a believer, I am encouraged by this change that has occurred in our relationship. A mere three chapters of the Gospel has already knit us closer together.

What brought on the change? Many things–and many prayers. Don’t get discouraged by unbelieving family members who do not want to know God. Keep praying for them through the years and decades. You are in this for the long haul. Get others involved praying with you: there is real strength in agreement. It is prayer–specific prayers–that will make the difference. In this instance, we specifically prayed that she would begin reading the Bible and that God would open her understanding to His Word. I also determined in my heart that I would start using every opportunity for sharing God’s Word with my non-believing family members again, after many years of real discouragement and rejection from them on every side.

In my case, it was especially difficult: my mom only reads in Farsi and I only read in English, so a Persian Bible had to be obtained. I now have my Bible open in English as she reads from hers in Farsi and I follow along and guide her through the Scriptures, while my wife sits and listens and prays in her heart. There is nothing more exciting than a Bible study with a non-believer, because the bible study has shifted from mere scholastic study for the deepening of one’s faith or from devotional encouragement among believers, to sharing God’s Word anew with a soul who has never read it–and who may never have had the opportunity to experience God’s Word otherwise.

Now I pray for the Holy Spirit to do the work which only He can complete and bring about the promise of salvation in all my family. I’m praying that this study with my non-believing family member becomes a Bible study with a new member of my Family.

Please pray for us also!


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One Response to Bible Study with Non-Believing Family Members

  1. T.J. says:

    How inspiring this was for me to read your article. I too have a non believer/ doubter in my family. Have prayed for years and years that they will come to know Christ. Please pray for us as we’ll and we will pray for you and your family.

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