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The Looking Glass: With the Children on Sundays

looking_glass What is a looking glass? The short answer is that it is simply the glass in a mirror. This term was coined around 1520 and was in use as late as the late 19th century. In the book, With the Children on Sundays, by Sylvanus Stall, the pastor and author uses the image of a "looking glass" to allude to Read More

Best Genesis Commentary: Leopold, Exposition of Genesis

I have this unnerving desire to revive the ancient men of God to give us insight into God's Word in a way that few modern writers can do today: there is something about the intellectual depth that older writers possessed that is unsurpassable by most contemporary writers today. Or perhaps these brilliant Read More

Three Books by RC Sproul for Serious Bible Study

In my search for quality Christian authors, I have often had to travel back to the pages of antiquity in order to find books of substance, with the likes of Godly men like C.H. Spurgeon, Charles Edward Jefferson, and John Bunyan. The works of such writers have been tested by the hands of time and breached Read More

The Song of a Heathen – A Christian Poem

The Song of a Heathen If Jesus Christ is a man, And only a man, I say That of all mankind I cleave to him, And to him will I cleave alway. If Jesus Christ is a God, And the only God, I swear I will follow Him through heaven and hell, The earth, the sea, and the air! I discovered the above Read More

3 Christian Devotionals for Every Christian Home

There are three Christian devotionals that should to be placed in every Christian home. Your life will be greatly enriched by the invaluable treasures contained in the Christian devotional books below: Morning & Evening, Charles Spurgeon Our first selection is a classic that many people today Read More

The Character of Jesus

I stumbled upon a book first written in 1908 by the pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle in New York  City, entitled, The Character of Jesus. As of late, I have been more interested in works of the past than the writings of the present. I have found that scholarship from the 1800s and 1900s, and earlier, Read More

Imaginary Jesus: Not An Imaginary Book Review

I was, at first, skeptical reading Imaginary Jesus, by Matt Mikalatos, because of the silly, flippant title and cover, which at once made me think that here was another Jesus-bashing book. I’d had enough of wishy-washy, modern, accounts of a Jesus who is slapped around by the world’s pathological Read More

Make Sure you RSVP to Heaven

The below excerpt is from Heaven, by Randy Alcorn. Ancient cities kept rolls of their citizens. Guards were posted at the city gates to keep out criminals and enemies by checking their names against this list. This is the context for Revelation 21:27: "Nothing impure will ever enter [the city], nor Read More
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