Christian Jewelry: Gold Crosses

gold crossesApples of Gold happens to be my favorite jeweler. Why? Not only is their jewelry as good as any mainstream jeweler, but they happen to be Christian owned and are not shy about saying so! While they offer a unique selection of gold crosses, they are not limited in their jewelry selection to Christian jewelry alone–though they offer plenty of it!

Their collections include a diverse range of fine jewelry, including Engagement rings, wedding bands, and gemstone jewelry. As for Christian items, while their main focus is gold crosses, they have gold Bible pendants, Christian pendants, silver jewelry, and more.

One of the most valuable items I found is Apples of Gold’s solid gold cross pendant. It is made of solid 14k gold and has some real depth and thickness to it. Unlike most cross pendants on the market, these crosses are fully solid through and through. Many crosses made nowadays are flimsy and thin pieces and hardly suitable, especially for men. Apples of Gold offers both a men’s and women’s version that they had made for their own brand after many of their customers requested just a simple, plain men’s or women’s cross that was substantial enough and could be worn for a lifetime.

Christian jewelryApples of Gold’s name comes from Proverbs 25:11 – “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold, in settings of silver …” – and they are proud of their Biblical values. Amidst a business climate that hardly dares proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Apples of Gold stands first to let its customers know that they uphold the values and message of the Bible.

Rather than shopping at the big name brands, as a Christian, first take your business to Apples of Gold and see if they have what you offer. You won’t be disappointed, because not only do they have over 5,000+ jewelry items but their prices are marked about 40% below standard retail pricing.

When Apples of Gold first started, they noticed that most retail jewelers marked up their jewelry sometimes 200-300% above wholesale and they vowed to make a difference in the jewelry industry by bringing the same quality jewelry to their shoppers for about half the standard price of retail jewelry.


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