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  • Christian Writers’ Guidelines

    Christian Way is now accepting articles for publication on Christian-Way.com

    - Submissions must be original works that have not been published anywhere else on the web.

    - Articles should be between 300 words – 5,000 words in length.

    - Topics include Bible studies, devotionals, Christian life, missions, pro-life topics, Christian fiction or poetry, or anything else having to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    - All posts are held for editorial review for 1-30 business days prior to publication.

    - SPAM: We will delete it before it’s even published, so don’t attempt it. Everything is reviewed.

    - Regular contributors may be awarded “Christian Author” status which will give you the ability to publish your articles immediately, without editor approval!

    - Best posts will be shared with our Facebook Fans!

    “… My tongue is the pen of a ready writer” (Psalm 45:1).

    2 Responses to Christian Writers

    1. rauzet says:

      Great job! may God bless you guys dearly, finally a website for the kingdom of God. let the gospel of Jesus Christ spread to the ends of the world.

    2. CHRISTINE NJERI says:

      wow…..great job; want to be part of the team

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