Ephesians 2:1: And You He Made Alive

“And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1, NKJV). 

There are so many times that followers of Christ have fallen into sin willfully knowing it was wrong, and afterwards begin to feel the wretched pulse of condemnation by the enemy and the freeing draw of conviction by the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 2 tells the believer that Christ has paid the price for all sin, that the Christian has died with Christ, and has been raised to life with Him. Therefore, sin is no longer a driving factor in the life of the believer, and slavery to sin is no longer an option. It can boil down to a choice the follower of Christ makes; namely does the Christian choose to follow Christ or remain a slave to the sin he or she keeps falling into?

In the beginning mankind was created to do good works, as perfect beings reflecting God’s glory. Therefore, it is safe to say that sin is unnatural to the Christian, which means it takes more effort to walk in sin than to walk in Christ, because of how mankind was created in Gods image. The reason Christians continue to walk in sin is because of the fallen state of mankind; Satan is the god of this fallen world, and people have developed a mindset of ‘sin’, so to speak. Thus, sin becomes this thing that is completely normal and even a way-of-life to some. Coming to Christ is death to this way-of-life that people have gotten used to, and brings the believer to a ‘new’ way of living.

Living for Christ means giving up your life for His and taking up your cross and following Him on a daily basis. It is encouraging to note that God’s word is written on the heart of the follower of Christ because people are his workmanship; being made in his image, God engraved his word on their hearts. He loves people so much that he cannot take his eyes off of the one that also love him, and he has provided for every circumstance and situation under the sun. Rest in Christ today knowing he has made a way for those who follow him.

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