Hiding in a Cave – Psalm 143:3

“When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path” Psalm 143:3 (NASB).

David wrote these words before he was king. He knew he would be king, one day, but he wasn’t king yet. Saul also knew that David would be king. And Saul didn’t like it. When David wrote these words, he was hiding in a cave from Saul and his men, who were hunting him down to kill him. Saul had already made one attempt on David’s life, and was in close pursuit of him once more.

You probably haven’t ever had anyone coming after you, knowing that they wanted to kill you, but threat of death is not the only thing that overwhelms our spirits. Your suffering may be due to long term illness, either your own, or a loved one, perhaps your marriage is on the rocks, perhaps you are out of work, and don’t know how you are going to feed your children. There are so many pressures on us all, and sometimes, it would be easier to hide under the bed and hope that the world will just go away. Life and its worries can threaten to consume us, and we feel covered by a dark cloud of gloom and despair. We wonder why God would want us to suffer, surely there should be an easier way.

The ways of God though, are higher than ours. God knows your path, whatever it is. The Lord knows those who are his,” (2 Timothy 2:19), knew us before we were born (Jeremiah 1:5), has always known about your difficulties, your struggles, your sadness. And He offers us His presence. We can trust Him, trust his infinite wisdom and His love for us. Even in our darkest hours. Especially in our darkest hours. Turn to Him, and let Him give you the comfort of His presence.

Prayer: Thank you Lord that your presence surrounds me, and that you know my path. Amen.

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One Response to Hiding in a Cave – Psalm 143:3

  1. Gayle says:

    It is truly comforting to know that God always has my back!

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