‘how do you know Jesus really said that? the bible’s been changed’

there are more than 5,000 complete early manuscript copies of the new testament (and another 19,000 partial manuscripts), when compared to each other, there’s less than a 1% variance, and 99% of that 1% are insignificant differences, like a typo or a misspelling, which leaves about 50 places in the new testament where there are some differences in the manuscripts and we’re not positive what was originally written in those 50 places, however none of those 50 variants affects christian doctrine one way or the other. the new testament of today has more proof of it’s accuracy (aside from the manuscripts, there’s also 86,000 quotes from the new testament written in the works of ancient church fathers that support the bible’s accuracy) more proof of it’s accuracy than any other ancient book from back then. for instance homer’s iliad has 643 early manuscripts, budhists have about 100 early copies of their foundational writings, there’s only 5 early manuscripts of aristotle’s writings. do people doubt the accuracy of any of those books? no, people just like to say that the bible must have been tampered with -because it sounds good to those who say it. the evidence, however, proves the bible is unchanged

see, you’re caught up in an old old game, God gave adam and eve a ‘bible’, it was: eat from any tree in the garden, except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, eat from that one tree and you’ll die

but satan got eve to doubt God’s word, satan first suggested that God was being unreasonable by forbidding her from eating from that tree, then satan got eve to believe that she wouldnt really die if she ate from it, then satan got eve to believe that God was jealous of eve, forbidding her from eating from that tree because eve would become equal to God if she ate from it! eve was tricked, she went for it

and nothing’s changed, there’s been no evolution from eve until you, satan is still tricking you to doubt God’s word and God’s character in the exact same way he did eve(getting you to doubt the bible as reasonable, getting you to doubt there’s really punishment, getting you to doubt the motives of the God of the bible, getting you to believe its noble to rebel against the God of the bible) getting you to the point where you have absolutely no faith in whatthe bible says, but play with it like a toy, and playfully pretend it says whatever you want it to say

it’s so sadly ironic that you think your thinking is the culmination of billions of years of human evolution, when it’s plainly written in the bible that the first woman on earth thought and acted exactly the way you do, makes me want to cry, or tell you about it

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