Thank God, He Knows my Way, I Cannot Hide from Him

For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous (Psalm 1:6).

To know the way of the righteous is an act of God’s Omniscience. The sweet thing is:  His knowledge about us comes from His loving Heart. Part of love’s demonstration is to know personally the object of love. Out of God’s love, God is longing to know us; I mean our weakness, our strength, our tears, our joys, everything about us! He wants to know it BY EXPRESSING OURSELVES TO HIM PERSONALLY, of course based upon our relationship with Him as our Father. I’m not talking here the basic of His Omniscience but the act of relationship between Him and us.

Also the perfection of His love is surely demonstrated by the fact that He knows us absolutely, since He is our Creator.

I believe the word “knows” in Psalm 1:6 doesn’t only points to God’s Omniscience (that He knows everything) but has an idea of personal relationship. Love always wants to know his love. The Lord knows who are His, for they are vulgarized by the walk of their lives.

One of the comforting truths also is that, the phrase “way of the righteous” impressed an idea of personality, behavior, manner, and works that completes the person’s life. Hence, God knows us in a very tremendous way, our minds, our motives, our desires, everything! God knows and He is concerned and willing to help us for He has a heart that is tremendous and of absolute benevolence, that is, He is pleased to do good to us because it glorifies His character and exalt His person. For how can the Lord meet the needs of our life and even the very longings our heart and the purpose of our existence IF He is not that too wise and too good? And since God knows us very well, we can be certain and secure that His love will lead us to the Best and Highest Good of existence. The words of the Psalmist concerning the Lord is so tremendous to meditate, for it will cast all doubts, fears, anxieties, and discouragements that hinder us to live like Him.  He says, “For the Lord knows the way of the righteous!” (Psalm 1:6)

God knows the way of the righteous because it is His way that the righteous follow. The way of the righteous is according to His will and character. Unlike the ungodly, his way is wicked and superbly in misalignment with God’s Word. It is not known to God in a sense that, the Lord does no evil. There’s no single point of imperfection in His mind, and therefore His knowledge is entirely perfect and absolute.

Friend, we have a trustworthy God! He is willing to listen to our questions and struggles! God is good! His mind is always in line with His heart! But sometimes we silently blaspheme the Lord with closed-mouth but by open heart when we are in unexplainable circumstances and we brag. Though most of our problems are consequences of our own foolishness, we are so close-minded and coward to believe that God is indeed good.  Why should we just put our trust on Him with patient courage and anticipation? Oh we don’t give God a place to prove Himself as He really is. We are so quick to stone God through the murmur our hearts and mind. We always haste for answer, not knowing that God answers in perfect timing and with perfect explanation of everything.  Laziness to wait and focusing on the situation and concentrating to ourselves are the basic things that make God blur and false in our mind.

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