The Bible: In the Beginning – Movie / DVD Review

The Bible Movie ReviewIn my household, I am eagerly trying to get my kids ‘un-hooked’ from the secular television set, which programs our children 24/7. The TV trains our children on how to think, what to wear, how to behave, and what to value. I have spent many dollars purchasing a host of Christian movies to begin weaning them off TV, and have restricted their TV time to a few hours per week, and am encouraging them to read, color, write, and be creative–as well as playing outside weather permitting! I believe such discipline is lost in our day and age and will be well-worth the time and money dedicated to the task.

I saw The Bible: In the Beginning when I was a child and then again as a teenager, and I have fond memories of it still as an adult. When browsing ChristianBook.Com, I found it there and had to purchase it for my kids to watch!

Yes, the images may appear somewhat cheesy and look out-of-date. And, OKAY–so technologically speaking, the world’s vast computer systems and billion-dollar production studios may bewitch today’s young viewers with their renowned magic, but surprisingly–The Bible movie was much better than I expected, even as an adult.

Made by Twentieth Century Fox in 1966, The Bible covers the first 22 chapters of the Book of Genesis, and contains big names like George C. Scott (as Abraham), Ava Gardener (as Sarah), and Peter O’Toole (as the three angels of the Lord who visited Abraham prior to destroying the city of Lot).

What I love about it is that it does not have that childish watered-down feel that many Christian faimly films today are lavished with, and the movie contains a beautiful, monumental, epic feel, much like the old The Ten Commandments or Ben Hur. Although admittedly, The Bible may not be as astounding in production or as masterful as the former two classics, it is well worth the watch on a weekend with family. In fact, it will add much more eternal value to your family’s perspective and your children, than any film produced today by Twentieth Century Fox (who nowadays would not be caught dead featuring a movie about the Bible).

Age Range: 9 and Up

And age ranges? I have a mature five-year old who watched it, although it might be more readily enjoyed by ages nine and up–as I had to stop and explain why God would ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, and why God would destroy the city of Lot and all the people in it. If you are concerned (as there are some strange-looking pagan people doing some weird wicked things), you may want to restrict it to ages nine and above to be safe.

Run Time

Oh, and being that it’s almost 3 hours with a classic old-time ‘intermission’ in the middle, I recommend breaking it up into two nights if you have kids. We made a weekend of it on Friday and Saturday night; you might be surprised how excited kids can get about movies about God! Although we started ours on a few shorter Christian flicks that I ordered from ChristianBook.com to get them excited about watching a longer movie like The Bible.

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