The Looking Glass: With the Children on Sundays


What is a looking glass? The short answer is that it is simply the glass in a mirror. This term was coined around 1520 and was in use as late as the late 19th century. In the book, With the Children on Sundays, by Sylvanus Stall, the pastor and author uses the image of a “looking glass” to allude to the Law, as taught by Moses.

When our faces are dirty, Sylvanus Stall explains, we observe ourselves in a looking glass and see that our sodden faces reflected back at us. Does the looking glass make us dirty? He asks. No, of course not. It simply shows us that we are dirty. In the same way, the Ten Commandments and the Law of God does not cause us to sin; rather it points out our flaws by showing us what is right and what is wrong; likewise, when we observe ourselves in the looking glass, it does not make us clean. We have to go to a fountain to be washed. As such, neither does the Law of God have the power to cleanse us from our sin. Nothing we can do to observe it will justify our position in eternity. It is only Jesus, the fountain of Living waters that can cleanse us from the depravity of sin to which we have all fallen.

With the Children on Sundays is filled with such glorious explanations of the Gospel and the Word of God, written for children but with the depth that adults can truly appreciate. As it was written in the late 1800s, it was written with a keen sense of intelligence and depth that is usually lacking from our Sunday school curriculum today. This is, by far, the best children’s Sunday school lessons that I have read to date. The original version if you can find it (harder to find), is also full of beautiful illustrations composed by the author which makes the journey through this book ever-more worthwhile.

The full title of Stall’s book is: With the Children on Sundays, Through the Eye-Gate and Ear-Gate into the City of Child-Soul.

Pick up this book today. It is available on Amazon.com at this link.

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