Treasures From Thorns

Jeanne Mott
Treasures From Thorns

They put a purple robe on him,
then twisted together a crown of thorns
and set it on him. Mark 15:17

It was hard to tell which was blood and which was blackberry juice. Try as I might to avoid thorn attacks, the tricky stickers kept finding my skin. I guess there’s usually a price to pay for a treasure. The treasure –a bucketful of blackberries for a mouthwatering cobbler. The price–stinging hands from the sharp thorns. Because I love blackberries, the price of sore hands was well worth the prize of the tasty treats.
Besides blackberries, God provides us with many treasures and treats during our earth journey. Sometimes our rewards come after hard work and sacrifice. However, the most magnificent prize He has for us requires no labor or hardships. Our grandest gift, everlasting life, is painless and completely free for us. The perfect, sinless God-Man paid our price. He took the crown of thorns, the forty lashes, and the nails in His hands and feet.
Out of His unfathomable love, He paid the penalty we owed, a blood sacrifice, for our sins. Because of His boundless love, we’ll be with our Savior forever in our unimaginably exquisite, eternal home. Now the blackberry stickers will always remind me that my greatest treasure followed Christ’s crown of thorns and crucifixion. After His death, Jesus arose to life, defeating death forever for all who would believe.
Dear Lord, thank You for the countless blessings
You pour into my life every day. Thank You
for the rewards of hard work and sacrifice.
Mostly Lord, I praise You and thank You for sacrificing
Your life to give us eternal life. Amen

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