Your Hairs Are All Numbered

Luke 12:5-6

Are not five sparrows sold for two cents? Yet not one of them is forgotten before God.  Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows (NASB).

In recent weeks, I have spent many hours combing through my daughters hair.  It is an unfortunate by-product of interacting with others that we are subject to stray germs, and other contagious afflictions, and sometimes these must be dealt with.   Two daughters have a lot of hair between them, but it must be done, and so we sit night after night, shampooing, then sectioning and combing and looking.  Even with such hours as I invested in the task, I realized that I could no more number the hair on both their heads, than I could count the blades of grass in my front garden.  Little girls have a lot of hair.   And it isn’t a static number of hairs either, if the numbers I find on the floor and in the bath are anything to go by.

As I combed night after night, I thought about these verses in Luke, which describe the level of God’s care for us.  He loves his creation to such a degree that the life of a sparrow is noticed.  He cares so much, that he is able to number the hairs on our heads.  He knows us perhaps better than we know ourselves.  It is hard to imagine this dedication to intricate detail, on such a grand scale, because it isn’t just my hair, or your hair, it is your neighbors hair too, and the people at the shops, and the people in the next suburb, and the next state and country.    And these are insignificant details.  If God knows these things, we can be sure that he is up to speed with the rest of our lives as well.  If he cares about our hairs, if he knows about every sparrow bought, sold, living and falling to earth in death, then he certainly knows about our sorrows and our joys.

Prayer:  Thank you Lord, that you care about what happens in my life, that I can trust you, that you know me so well that even the hair in my head has been numbered by you. Amen.

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